Your Source For Employee Awareness Training In San Joaquin County

At Quasar Global, we are a managed IT service provider who specializes in providing cybersecurity awareness training to businesses in San Joaquin County. Phishing is the number one security threat to businesses. Its vital to make sure your employees are trained to avoid this.

Why Is Cybersecurity Awareness Training So Important...

  • Employees need to be educated
  • Protecting your business is a big priority
  • I’m paying too much for what I’m getting
  • My IT department is stretched too thin
  • I don’t know if we’re secure
  • Many compliance regulations require training
  • My IT person is leaving (or already left)

The Basics Of Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity threats come in a myriad of forms and disguises. They’re all dressed up and ready to go! It’s crucial that a cyber threat is identified, reported, and addressed. If you see something, say something. This seems like common knowledge but human error accounts for 95% of successful cyber-attacks. With that information, managers should keep in mind, hackers don’t just come through the IT department by brute force, they go after vulnerabilities. That’s why cybersecurity skills and understanding are the responsibility of every role in the company.

What Should Cybersecurity Training Look Like?

All training programs are unique but what makes the most difference is efficacy and how that’s implemented in the workplace. A business should focus on not only cybersecurity training in general but the right cybersecurity dangers to look for such as insider threats, ransomware, etc. This type of training should be mandatory for all employees at every level. This means that anyone using a computer (which is just about everyone) should know how to identify phishing schemes and social engineering attacks. If these things are not easily identifiable, they may go overlooked and wreak severe havoc. These attacks can happen via email or on the telephone so that’s a base that should definitely be covered.

Cybersecurity Training Should Be On Going.

Cybersecurity is always on the rise and new threats are constantly emerging, so it is necessary for training to be ongoing. The world is filled with technology and this makes our lives easier, but it is critical that we know how to manage it and that we always keep cybersecurity in our line of vision. This means that cyber training should be ongoing. Since new cyber threats emerge daily, training should be a life-long process and employees must be tested on what they learn. If not, there may be long-lasting business-related ramifications.

Well-founded Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Employees

It’s no surprise that human error is involved in so many security breaches. According to recent research, businesses are investing so heavily in cybersecurity awareness training for their employees.

Companies are now four times more likely than they were years ago to suffer a catastrophic data breach. To be candid, for most employees cyber security awareness training is tedious. Employees who are bored are unable to engage with the information. They’re likely to recall, much less master, important security best practices that may turn them into your most valuable security asset rather than your weakest security link.

Quasar Global provides employees with cyber security awareness training that they enjoy. The secret of Quasar Global success? It’s for you to find out.