Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. And more important today than ever, businesses must embrace technology in order to remain competitive. From driving sales to engaging customers and from daily operations and finance, technology plays an essential role to the success of every business today.

Quasar Global has over two decades of expertise working with small and mid-sized businesses, delivering world-class IT support, managing your systems and infrastructure, providing robust cyber security solutions, and giving you expert IT advice and strategy. We help keep your business running efficiently, giving you the immediate support you need when you need it, keep you secure from cyber attacks and ransomware, and give you the technology advice you need that is tailored to your business so that your business thrives and has competitive edge.

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We simply don’t know where we would be without Quasar Global.

We started with Quasar Global over a decade ago because our former IT technician was failing in many aspects of their performance. When Katherine arrived on the scene we had a multitude of IT issues that needed resolving. Over time, our company has grown substantially and more dependent on technology. The ability to adapt to ever changing software and hardware has been supported at every turn. They provide great insight and forethought to keeping us up and running and are constantly implementing newer security to protect our network and our data.

Dennis Peyton Owner
California Deposition Reporters

Since Quasar Global started actively monitoring our computers I have not had a single virus or breech

Computers are not in my background. I would never be able to appropriately monitor our network the way that Quasar Global does, and I could not begin to assume where to even start. It is very nice to know that my client’s very private information can be kept private, and I feel strong in Quasar Global’s ability to keep our systems protected against data-breech violations, and cyber-attacks. It is wonderful to not have to worry or even think about scanning my computers on a constant basis in fear of viruses. I know the monitoring that Quasar Global provides leads to a better work environment as they keep our computers running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sherrie Foqua Manager
Partners Property Management

Quasar Global’s personal commitment to making our business a success continuously exceeds our expectations

Year after year our team has learned to depend on Quasar Global and greatly appreciates their dedication. Quasar Global became a trusted resource and partner from day one. The enthusiasm and dedication to providing timely and efficient solutions has made working with them easy. Key factors in working with them is their in-depth knowledge and ability to supply us with innovative solutions within the means of our budget.

Lynn Nilssen Central Valley District Manager
Summit Funding