Quasar Global has a deep focus and expertise in Cyber Security. With the rapid increase in cyber threats, state sponsored attacks, organized crime rings, ransomware, and phishing and spear-phishing attacks, businesses are increasingly at risk.

As such, Quasar Global has assembled best practices and tools to keep businesses protected from these ever-increasing cyber-threats. Like no other company around, Quasar Global has systematically designed and implemented a unique approach to keeping our clients secure. The architecture is built into the Vigilance CyberSecure protection layers.

Quasar Global is part of a small, elite group of leading IT Services providers across North America that have collectively assembled best practices and tools to keep businesses protected from these ever-increasing cyber-threats.

Our CEO, Katherine Vigil, is the author of the upcoming book, “Data Breach – Not If, But When!” on the subject of Cyber Security in the Small Business.

Hackers Are Hunting For Vulnerabilities In Your Systems CONSTANTLY. Shouldn't You Be, Too?

A new approach to securing your data and network:

  • Keeping Visibility On Your BIGGEST Security Holes In Real Time – Have up-to-date assessments of cybersecurity within your network and get a report of how your cybersecurity stance has changed over time (show that vulnerabilities are actually getting fixed instead of slipping of your technician's plate).
  • Are Your Backups REALLY Tested?- We test to make sure your backups are working (test files using your proven process), look at backup configurations the way a hacker would and make sure your backups are working as expected (even in the cloud!).
  • Know Where Your Critical Data Is- We evaluate your data and track it so that you know exactly where everything important is and ensure nothing gets leaked.
  • Deep Dive Into User Behavior – We assess the cybersecurity hygiene of your users-- where they store their passwords, sensitive information, WiFi connections-- and alert them (and you) to why and how they can improve.
  • Complete Security Policy And Procedures Management– We enable you to track your security policies, procedures and disaster recovery plan in one place, integrated into a portal that also addresses your cybersecurity risks. We're the only solution that links your actual vulnerabilities to your network!
  • Affordable –We help organizations identify how to resolve issues without having to invest in additional staff, technology, or expensive training and cybersecurity assessments.
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