Quasar Global’s personal commitment to making our business a success continuously exceeds our expectations

Year after year our team has learned to depend on Quasar Global and greatly appreciates their dedication. Quasar Global became a trusted resource and partner from day one. The enthusiasm and dedication to providing timely and efficient solutions has made working with them easy. Key factors in working with them is their in-depth knowledge and ability to supply us with innovative solutions within the means of our budget.

Lynn Nilssen Central Valley District Manager
Summit Funding

During tax season, I can trust the phone to be answered. Even at unusual days and times.

We have been using Quasar Global for as long as they have been in business and has been a central part of keeping us in business. As a tax and accounting office, technology is our lifeblood. My industry requires top level security on our systems. Quasar Global research’s new technologies and helps find the ones appropriate for my business and keeps me from falling out of compliance and risking everything I have worked so hard to build!

Laura Strombom CEO
All About Numbers

Personalized Service

We have used Quasar Global's services for about 10 years.  I have established a personal relationship with them and find them to be very responsive to the rare issues that come up.  With respect to monitoring and backups.  There have been multiple occasions were we have had attempted attacks on our servers that have been averted.  But, I think the off-site backups are invaluable for those occasions when a file is accidently irretrievably deleted or in some way damaged.  It’s a snap to get it back.

Lawrence Knapp Owner
Law Offices of Lawrence Knapp

We simply don’t know where we would be without Quasar Global.

We started with Quasar Global over a decade ago because our former IT technician was failing in many aspects of their performance. When Katherine arrived on the scene we had a multitude of IT issues that needed resolving. Over time, our company has grown substantially and more dependent on technology. The ability to adapt to ever changing software and hardware has been supported at every turn. They provide great insight and forethought to keeping us up and running and are constantly implementing newer security to protect our network and our data.

Dennis Peyton Owner
California Deposition Reporters

Individualized Approach & Attention to Detail

We were with a firm with more personnel before we began to use Quasar Global. What we really appreciate is the individual attention we receive. We usually have one person as a contact person and as they are aware of our system. In the past we would have multiple individuals responsible for our account and at times one person was unaware of the services the other had already performed. Getting answers to what we thought were simple questions took more time than was necessary and would result in a computer system that was not always totally functional.

Gordon Lindstrom Owner
Lindstrom & Winsborrow Accountancy

Since Quasar Global started actively monitoring our computers I have not had a single virus or breech

Computers are not in my background. I would never be able to appropriately monitor our network the way that Quasar Global does, and I could not begin to assume where to even start. It is very nice to know that my client’s very private information can be kept private, and I feel strong in Quasar Global’s ability to keep our systems protected against data-breech violations, and cyber-attacks. It is wonderful to not have to worry or even think about scanning my computers on a constant basis in fear of viruses. I know the monitoring that Quasar Global provides leads to a better work environment as they keep our computers running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sherrie Foqua Manager
Partners Property Management

My own personal IT staff. I sleep better at night knowing that all my data is safe and secure

They are always available for you. I believe small is better because you get the attention you want and need. They make you feel like you are the only client they have. Like you have your very own personal IT on site. I sleep better at night knowing that Quasar Global has all my data safe and secure. All the data is backed up and monitored for all viruses, spam and data breaches. Letting Quasar Global take charge of this gives me peace of mind. One less thing for me to worry about.

Jeanette Gonzales Owner
Priority Freight Handling

Definitely Recommend!

We have used Quasar Global as our consultant since 2004. They are both knowledgeable & responsive. We get immediate solutions. Definitely recommend!

Lawrence Borgens CEO
Delta Protective Services

Impeccable Service and Availability

The service Quasar Global gives us is impeccable. We never have to wait for an answer to a problem as they can connect to my computers and correct any problems remotely. We have never had to wait for onsite service. Normally they are available within one hour from the time I contact them until they show up at my office. For security purposes, having the offsite backup with has been very welcomed. It makes me feel very secure that someone is backing up my data.

Ron Stein Owner
Ron Stein Law Offices

Treats Us as the Most Important Client

We have contracted with Quasar Global now for almost 5 years and I have to say that when we have a problem we call your office and you respond within 1 hour. I have never had an IT company handle our account so efficiently. Every problem has been handled immediately and since your company does monitoring and back up on our system we have NEVER lost any data. All systems have problems and having you in our corner has always allowed us to stay operating. I can recommend Quasar Global with the full belief that they will always give the same type of service.

Gilbert DeLeon CEO
A&A Industrial Supplies